Our Service & Capabilities

In the Northern Territory & Northern Western Australia, because of the unique wet & dry climate, frequency of testing can depend on how hostile the environment is, and the many things can affect electrical appliances including dust, heat, moisture & humidity. Our Test & Tag business is tailored and has the expertise to cater to a wide range of industries in this kind of environment. This includes but is not limited to mining, construction, transport, Government, defence, schools, commercial & industrial business, residential, hospitality, tradies and market stall clients.

Our Capabilities

  • NT Wide & Northern Western Australia service, drive/ fly in/fly out experience
  • Specialise in multi-site and large volume operations
  • 3 phase appliance and lead testing
  • Fixed and portable RCD equipment testing
  • Microwave leakage testing and report on request to ensure there is no radiation leakage from your microwave
  • Plug top replacement service, supply and fit onsite plug & sockets to minimise equipment down time
  • Supply cord assemblies and accessories, IEC leads, Extension leads, powerboards, etc
  • Free Quote service, we come to your workplace to assess and establish your level of service and electrical appliance safety program
  • Asset management, recording appliance description, location, make, model and asset/serial number if required
  • Site Test & Tag program audit, recommendations checklist with
  • Portable electrical appliance safety induction. Qualified trainer approx. – 40mins, covering legislation, obligations, Test & Tag , visual inspection technics, practical outcomes. PPT delivered
  • Visual guide to electrical appliance safety

Our Test & Tag Services

  • Comprehensive site electrical appliance safety report (register)
  • Computer generated bar-coded test tags printed onsite with the Clients name, description of the item, location and relevant test dates (no manual tags)
  • Colour Coded Test Tags, clear protection UV overlay or Heavy Duty for construction/ workshop sites
  • Initial data recording into database with
  • Downloading Test records from the testing equipment and formatting electronic database
  • Provision of reports “Electrical Asset Register” detailing the items inspected, tested and tagged by PDF or full Excel spreadsheet format for your inventory and asset management if desired
  • Site Certificate of Compliance (COC) if required
  • Provision of “New to Service” tags for band new items introduced during / post inspection
  • Automated reminder service, prior to items due retest date and inspection. With our convenient reminder service, you can be assured that your electrical appliances remain compliant
  • Job Safety Analysis Safe Work Method Statement provided
  • Test & Tag safety awareness notices/templates for your use, links to latest NT Worksafe Bulletins, regulations and other information which may of use in your safety awareness program

Compliance Partners

We deliver industry-leading Test & Tag solutions and compliance to a large diverse client base in the Northern Territory and northern Western Australia providing high volume testing, recoding and inspection of our client’s electrical assets.


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We maintain total dedication to integrity, service quality, and convenience. Exceeding client expectations is our absolute priority.

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