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An introduction to Test & Tag

Testing & Tagging is the process of inspecting, testing, tagging, and recording of portable electrical equipment and appliances. The regular inspection and testing of “In-Service” appliances is a necessary part of any safety program to help reduce the risk of hazards and ensure the safety of persons using electrical equipment in the workplace.

This also helps ensure you are meeting the health and safety requirements of your business, employees and clients which can be an extremely daunting task. We are required to meet numerous regulations and standards – all of which contribute to the safety of your customers and employees in the workplace. An electrical appliance safety program is essential.


The specification for Inspection, Test & Tag is documented in the Australian and New Zealand standard AS/NZS3760:2010 – “In-Service safety inspection, testing & tagging of electrical equipment.” The Standard specifies testing protocols and criteria that satisfies this obligation.

What’s Involved

Testing and inspection can simply be categorised into five activities:

1. Visual Inspection – Applying thorough examination of item for damage prior to test.
2. Testing – This is conducted using a Portable Appliance Tester.


3. Tagging – Applying durable test tag labels to the equipment lead, specifying test date and result.
4. Recording – Documenting results, with the aid of computer software.
5. Reporting – Providing comprehensive reports for your compliance records.

Please feel free to contact our expert technicians, happy to provide support should you have any questions you may not find answers to in our resources here.

Please Note:

Unfortunately, some people claim and have the misconception that because an appliance has been tested and tagged is safe to use, this could never be further from the truth! From our experience 90% of items that fail is by way of the “visual inspection” before we even conduct a test. Understanding that appliances can be damaged or open to abuse post any inspection and frequency, we advocate and promote a culture of good practice. A thorough and good visual inspection of appliances particularly in hostile work environments, should be mandatory before each use. The purpose of applying a test tag is only to indicate that an appliance has been subjected to inspection and testing program, passed and indicate the next due test date.

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